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Themis Z

Themis Z

11 Sep 2020

Themis Zouganeli is the designer of the THEMIS Z lifestyle brand, as well as a designer for Dior Maison and Atelier Swarovski. 

Themis has lived an eclectic life. Her way of life and aesthetic has always been influenced by her upbringing in Athens and its rich cultural heritage, summers escaping to the freedom and beauty of Mykonos, and most fundamentally by her family’s story.

Her Greek father had a passion for entertaining and owned private clubs and nightclubs in both Athens and Mykonos that were renowned for their style, vibrant atmosphere and left their mark having run for forty years starting in the 1960’s. He is considered a pioneer and game changer of this genre, adding glamour to the Greek nightlife scene whether that be in Athens or Mykonos, and installed in Themis a love for entertaining, lifestyle hospitality and creating beautiful environments. Her Polish mother, brought up in New York, worked as a fashion stylist and writer for Harper's Bazaar and was voted one of the best dressed women of New York in the early 70’s. Having also designed the interiors of her husband's night clubs, she provoked in her daughter a profound love for the arts - interior design and fashion among others.

After finishing school, Themis moved to Boston to study International Relations at Tufts University, and then continued to London for an MBA, where she remained for another decade working in the media industry. London gave Themis a different perspective on design and culture, one that fostered and helped her gain a great advantage when forming her own brand some years later.  It was only upon her return to Athens that she was truly able to pursue her love for design. She launched her eponymous interior design & decorating business working with a selected group of clients, designing bespoke furniture & interior accessories before launching her own lifestyle brand THEMIS • Z.

Themis now divides her time between Athens, Mykonos, Gstaad and London, her schedule being shaped by both her own family and her work. It is the serene beauty and elegant relaxed glamour that Themis enjoyed and experienced growing up, that continues to inspire and embody every piece within the brand.