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Canfora K Sandals

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In 1946, when Capri was still primarily a fishing village, Amadeo Canfora opened a small sandal shop on Via Camerelle opposite one of the island’s only hotels.  It was a modest shop with a workbench, walls hung with soles, and shelves filled with measurement books.  Capri soon became a destination for travelers from around the world in search of La Dolce Vita, and Canfora sandals became known as the highest quality on all of Capri. Grace Kelly, Princess Margaret, and Maria Callas were among the first famous clients to purchase made-to-measure sandals.  In 1962, Jacqueline Kennedy also became a lifelong customer when Amadeo Canfora created the iconic K style for her.  Today Canfora continues to be family run, and the sandals are made using the traditional methods passed down through the generations.