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30 Sep 2020

In 2002, Jean Polsky and her husband Chike Chukwulozie opened Estella, an eclectic, designer baby clothes and high-end children’s clothing boutique in New York’s Greenwich Village. The concept behind Estella was to bring the amazing, artisan-inspired kids’ clothing they saw scattered across Europe to New York. In 2002, luxury children’s fashion in NYC was synonymous with big box retail, big price tags, and somber, conservative frocks.  They see things differently. They know that children have personalities, and they believe that their clothing and handmade toys should too. Their vision was built on high quality kids’ and baby clothes that were designed by mothers and craftsman rather than corporations. These creations were full of gorgeous colors, textures, and spirit. Kids loved wearing these clothes and parents loved owning them.

Estella’s eco-friendly baby toys and organic cotton toddler clothes became popular due to their lack of chemicals and harsh treatments that pervade the majority of the cotton sold in the majority of major retail outlets today. Current cotton harvesting and treatment processes harm the environment and surrounding areas, but Estella has a firm commitment to environmental stewardship. Their handmade baby toys and luxury clothes use GOTS-certified cotton, quality products that are kind to the environment and the people who design and handle them.

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